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Allison Roe is a former world class athlete, mother and business woman.






Orbis Lifecare
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Allison Roe/Orbis Fitness programme

Welcome to the Allison Roe/Orbis Fitness Programme - your enjoyable Fitness for Life Programme. The purpose of this programme is health promotion, disease prevention and fitness for life.

So, join me in taking steps to a healthier you and pass it on to your friends and family. Let’s make a difference to your health, and the health and wealth of our nation. From this programme, establish a lifetime of pleasurable effortless exercise, personalised to your unique needs and easily built into your lifestyle."

your tailored fitness programme

Many people start an exercise programme half heartedly or give it away after a couple of weeks. This happens because it is an unpleasant experience or it creates injury as it is not suited to your body and personality type.

Exercise is meant to invigorate and refresh, not exhaust and bore. So, you need to choose exercise suitable for your unique body type.

The beauty of the Allison Roe/Orbis Fitness Programme is that it has been developed using Allison Roe’s own expertise as well as timeless knowledge from Maharishi Vedic Medicine. And, your personal Allison Roe/Orbis Fitness Programme is developed, using information you provide, specifically for you.

All you do is answer the unique Allison Roe/Orbis Fitness Questionnaire and your programme will be sent to you so you can start training.

The programme you receive will include:

  • an outline of your fitness profile;
  • an 8-12 week exercise programme
  • a detailed daily schedule and tips; and
  • guidelines on how to use the exercise programme.

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